Tea Dinner is a blog written by Katie Andrews and Marcio Guzman, dedicated to chronicling our (mostly weekend made) creative home projects.

The ironic thing, I suppose, is that we don't think it's likely we'll share very many actual tea dinners here. As they are in many ways the anti-project. They're what we do when we're too busy or tired to plan a meal, or when it's a Sunday afternoon, we have a cat or puppy lying on our chests, we've forgotten to defrost the chicken, and can't be bothered to go to the grocery. So why call our blog by this name? Well. There is just something about these lovely anti-projects that allows us to sink into the lives we want to live. Tea dinners give us the ability to spend our non-working hours working on the projects we want to tackle and soaking in the moment. We're grateful for them, and in that sense, I suppose we're dedicating our blog to them.

Then again, maybe we will get to detailing a few favorite tea dinners. We'll see. When we opt for a tea dinner instead of a plan, this means we're preparing basic, usually recipe-less, delicious food. Tea dinner is scrambled eggs with the ends of various veggies and cheeses that are ready to be finished, a raw green salad, butter on toast, and coffee. It's left over Indian, chocolate chip cookies, and red wine. It's Sunday morning's left over oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes re-heated in the toaster over, that 1/2 full yogurt container that needs to be finished, 3 pieces of half eaten fruit, and plain old black tea. It's olive oil, smoked salmon, avocado toast with tomatoes that needed to be eaten yesterday and Marcio's margarita's. It's simple, but with just enough intentionality to make it feel satisfying and beautiful. Tea dinner is about using what we already have. It's about not wasting so we can use our resources on what matters. It's about sock feet resting on each other's laps after a long day of work, simple colorful eats, and a merging of light raw basics paired with rich prepared leftovers. A little organized chaos, perhaps?


We're sure many families out there have their own version of this practice - a happy meal trick that leaves you without many dishes, with plenty of time, and feeling quite creative and full (literally and figuratively speaking!).


Beyond meals, I find the "spirit" of tea dinner applies to other creative projects. There's a similarity of process between how we throw a meal together and how we throw a project together. Food or otherwise, it's satisfying to take a practical need and imbue with enough charm, artistry, or creativity such that it feels a bit more interesting and satisfying than if we were to be done with a bit less thought.

So, what can you expect here? A variety! Whether it's a healthy-ish recipe we're planning for dinner, a messy closet that needs organizing, or a painting Katie is working on for one of those blank walls in our bedroom - we're about creating for the sake of function and beauty - all in one fell swoop. Our blog is intended to be a free, inclusive place, where practicality and aesthetic are friends, there are no rules, and anything goes.


If you've read this far, I'd love to thank you for reading our humble words! I imagine this space to be, not only a record of projects scanning a variety of categories - from following recipes to forming our own; from painting walls to painting canvases - but a place where I aspire to connect with others who read or write blogs, and who enjoy integrating a little creativity into their lifestyles! I love to follow other people's blogs - the photos, the creativity, the inspiration - it makes my heart happy to take in the beauty and learn along the way.


So. I suppose we're here to invite ourselves to the digital creative blog party, give back to the internet's veritable wellspring of inspiration, express some of our own thoughts, images, and projects, and if we're not too audacious to hope for this - connect with readers.

I'm excited for the unknown and for what is to come. If you're here and you'd like to drop us a line, we'd love to connect with you!